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Due to COVID-19, we are practicing social distancing for the protection of out team and you.

We are now only accepting submissions for virtual meetings until further notice.

You can submit your headshot, resume & reel for all three cites to to be considered for representation.  Please note the city/region your submitting to in the subject line. 


Allow 30-60 days for a response, if we are interested, you will receive an email with information about a virtual meeting.  If you do not receive an invite to meet, don't be discouraged, it could be a number of factors:

  • You may lack the experience we are looking for in new talent.

  • You may have a very similar look to a talent that we currently represent.

  • We may deem you not a good fit for the agency.

If you feel you are a good fit, we encourage you to submit in another six months, but please in efforts to respond to all of the inquires, do not call and email several times with your interest.  Thank you for understanding and continue shooting for the stars!

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