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Gill Talent Group stands as a beacon of diversity and representation in the entertainment industry, proudly holding the distinction of being one of the very few Black-owned union-franchised talent agencies, especially in the Midwest and Southeast Regions. Our dedicated team shares a common thread with our clients—empathy.

At Gill Talent Group, empathy is more than a shared trait; it's a driving force that fuels our commitment to making a meaningful impact both in the entertainment industry and within our community. We aspire to be a force for change, pushing boundaries and amplifying underrepresented voices. Our agency not only aims to excel in talent representation but also strives to be a powerful voice advocating for inclusivity and diversity.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the entertainment world, Gill Talent Group remains dedicated to fostering a culture of understanding, compassion, and empowerment—qualities that resonate with both our team and the talents we represent. 


The face of entertainment is evolving and we consider ourselves ahead of the curve. We aim to provide directors, production companies and advertising agencies the strongest multi-cultural and unique talent the Midwest Region has to offer. We are committed to keeping a small yet strong roster of diverse talent that will ultimately result in a WIN-WIN for everyone.

The Southeast Region is full of talent and our talent aren't just actors but content-creators: Creators of Film, TV and Digital Content.

We are placing our talent in front of the director to get the role, but also the right platform to get the deal!

New York is the city of where dreams come true where if you're in the entertainment industry, you are at least three degrees of separation from a high profile entertainer living their life's passion. 


We are excited about our presence in New York and more excited about closing Big Deals in the Big Apple!

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